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Sunday, March 25, 2012

CBR Headlights

Just finished the fun task of my first head light replacement on my Blackbird.

Something that I noticed that appears to cause some confusion online is the type of lamp it uses.

The lamp is a Phillips H7 White Halogen 12v 55w lamp, BUT, and this is the kicker, there is a converter attached to them for the prongs which is a Stanley SN911-01200 (that is the model number of the converter).

The H7 lamp is extremely common but if you made the initial mistake I did and start looking for a Stanley lamp you will quickly find out that they dont make lamps and be scratching your head :D

So In summary - the Lamp is a H7 12v 55w the converter which you just pull the lamp out of once getting it out of its housing is the Stanley SN911-01200 which really shouldnt ever need replacing unless you have serious corrosion or damage.

From my reading these lamps are used in VFR's, CBR's and Goldwings amongst others.